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Album 1
  1. Play - Let the Music Set You Free
  2. Let the Children Play
  3. Jugando (Samba De San Francisco
  4. Flor D'Luna (Moonflower)
  5. Play - Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
  6. Samba Pa Ti
  7. Play - Oye Como Va/Let it Shine
  8. She's Not There
  9. Europa (Y Volvere)
  10. Jingo (Part I)
  11. Don't Let me Be Misunderstood - Jingo (Part II)
  12. Play - Stormy

The Tellstars Featuring Mike Roman "Play Santana"
Tellstar Records, Inc.
Released: October 1979

Mike RomanLeader and Lead Guitar
Eli Rios, Jr.Keyboards (B-3 Hammond Organ, Yamaha Piano, Acoustic Piano, Clavinet, Mellotron and Minimoog Synthesizer), and Background Vocals
John CastroLead Vocals and Percussion
Fernando "Chepedo" RomeroTimbales, Congas, Bongos, Percussion, and Background Vocals
Roman CastanedaDrums and Congas
Harry HmuraGuitar and Background Vocals
Bobby AguileraBass Guitar and Background Vocals
Joe AldersonDrums and Percussion
Bobby SalinasBass Guitar and Background Vocals
Tom OlenRhythm Guitar and Background Vocals
John JamnikFender Rhodes Piano

Album 2
Side One
    Rick Saucedo & The Ambassadors
  1. Play - Too Much
  2. Play - Little Sister
  3. Play - Marie is the Name
  4. Play - Let's Twist Again
    Rubber Soul
  5. I want to Hold Your Hand
  6. Play - This Boy
  7. Play - She Loves You
    Mike Roman and The Tellstars
  8. Play - Soul Sacrifice
Side Two
    Mike Roman and The Tellstars
  1. Play - Waiting
  2. Play - No One to Depend On
  3. Play - Evil Ways
    The Jasons
  4. Play - Billie Jean
  5. Play - Human Nature
  6. Play - Rock Medley
    (Jail House Rock/Slow Down/Everybody's Everything/Rockin' Robin)

Rock N' Roll... Yesterday, Today & Forever!
Rick Saucedo & The Ambassadors
Rubber Soul
Mike Roman & The Tellstars
The Jasons
Tellstar Records, Inc.
Released: December 1985

Mike RomanLeader and Lead Guitar
Eli Rios, Jr.B-3 Hammond Organ, Keyboards & Vocals
Mark DavisBass & Vocals
Steve MissalDrums & Vocals
John CastroLead Vocals, Trumpet & Percussion
Fernando "Chepedo" RomeroTimbales, Congas, Bongos, & Percussion
Joe RendonCongas & Percussion
Marty GomezAlto Saxophone

Album 3
  1. Play - Smooth/Maria Caracoles/Dance Sister Dance/Se A Cabo/
    El Nicoyas's Terremoto/Para Los Rumberos/Carnaval/
    Let the Children Play/ Guajirona/Guajira
  2. Play - Life is a Lady
  3. Play - Shades of Time/Everything's Coming our Way
  4. Play - Europa/Gitano/Maria, Maria
  5. Play - The Game of Love
  6. Play - Hold on/Treat
  7. Play - Put Your Lights On/ El Farol/
    Victory is Won
  8. Play - Africa Bamba/Toussaint L'Overture

  9. Play - Love of My Life/Primavera/No One to Depend On/Evil Ways
  10. Play - Singing Winds, Crying Beasts/Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen/Oye Como Va
  11. Play - Samba Pa Ti
  12. Play - Corazon Espinado/ Jingo/
    Soul Sacrifice/
    Se A Cabo
"The Sounds of Santana"
Mike Roman and The Tellstars
Jose "Chepito" Areas
and Richard Bean
Tellstar Records, Inc.
Released: August 2003

Mike RomanLeader, Lead Guitar & Sitar
Rich AldanaLead Vocals, Drums & Percussion
George BuckDrums and Percussion
Fred CantuTrumpet
Jeremy CallnerTenor Saxophone
Abel GuardiolaRhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals
Eddie IrizarryTrombone
Alex PerezBass
Eli Rios, Jr.B-3 Hammond Organ
Pascual SanchezBass & Lead Vocals
Pedro ValenzuelaLead Vocals & Percussion
Kiki VenturaCongas & Percussion
Nick ViverosB-3 Hammond Organ & Piano
Special Guest Artists
Jose "Chepito" AreasTimbales on El Nicoya's Terremoto/Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen/Oye Como Va
Richard BeanLead Vocals on Black Magic Woman
Marty VasquezGuiro & Bongos (Courtesy of SAPO)
John "Ivory" KovacickPiano on Guajira (Courtesy of SAPO)
Joe RendonCongas on Samba Pa Ti
Jaime ClaudioTimbales on Samba Pa Ti
Omar AreasCongas on El Nicoya's Terremoto
Yolanda ChaidezVocals on The Game of Love
Albert SanchezKeyboards
Michael Angelo RomanAcoustic Guitar, Tenor Sax on Europa & Bass on El Nicoya's Terremoto

Album 4

  1. Play - Cha-Cha Time!
  2. Play - Reggaeton In Jamaica
  3. Play - Runaround
  4. Play - Ecstasy & Destiny
  5. Play - Alive
  6. Play - Only You
  7. Play - Tsunami 911
  8. Play - Everyday & Everynight
  9. Play - Destino Cruel
  10. Play - Visions
  11. Play - Rapture Dream
  12. Play - D-Day in Normandy
"Cha Cha Time!"
Mike Roman and The Tellstars
Jose "Chepito" Areas and Michael Shrieve
Tellstar Records, Inc.
Released: August 2007

Mike RomanLeader and Lead Guitar
Eli Rios, Jr.B-3 Hammond Organ - Keyboards and Vocals
Abel GuardiolaLead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Joe "Vato" GuillenLead Vocals and Percussion
John BarbushTrombone and Background Vocals
Eddie IrizarryTrombone
Scott WiltfangTrumpet
John TrimmelTrumpet
Marty GomezAlto Sax and Background Vocals
"Baby" Joel ValdezBass
George BuckDrums and Percussion
Kiki VenturaCongas and Percussion
Mike AldanaLead Vocals and Percussion
Michael Angelo RomanLead Guitar and Tenor Sax
Special Guest Artists
Jose "Chepito" AreasTimbales (Cha Cha Time! and Runaround)
Michael ShrieveDrums (Tsunami 911)
Rich AldanaLead Vocals
Omar AreasPercussion
Joe RossoPercussion
Yolanda ChaidezLead Vocals
Nicole GarzaLead Vocals
Michael WatkinsLead Vocals and Percussion
Alfonso IzguerraGuitar
Gabino IzguerraGuitar
Dennis NatarelliDrums
Aldolfo "Bigalo" GascaDrums
Lee LaneViolin
Honor ConwayHarp
Austin MelderVibraphone
Brandon RomanPoetry and Vibraphone